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Weco Pioneer 321 MKS MIG-MAG welder

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Weco Pioneer 321 MKS MIG-MAG welder

Pioneer 321MKS is a powerful synergic 3 Phase Inverter for workshops, car body repairs, light to medium fabrication and welding.

Pioneer 321MKS, thanks to its dimensions and light weight, is easy to move on the working site.
A wide range of MIG-MAG synergic programs facilitate the selection of precise welding parameters using any welding wires.

• Thanks to its dimensions and light weight, MKS is the best option on the market, for small and medium workshops,
• Pioneer 321 MKS is designed for welders at all levels and is recommended for demonstrations and welding schools.
• Thanks to its light weight, MKS is very easy to manage (only 76kg with no accessories).

MKS: Wire Feeder
• Solid metallic 4 rolls motor drive-system for any type of wire.
• Wire diameters from 0,6 to 1,2mm.
• Wire speed from 2 to 20 meters per minute.
• Wire spools till 300 mm / 15 kg


Range of options available including Welding torches, Cooler, push-pull kit etc.


Version also available with separate wire feeder – please call.


Manufacturer’s fact sheet: here