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Weco MicroPulse 302 MFK Multifunction Mig welder

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Weco MicroPulse 302 MFK Multifunction Mig welder. MIG – MAG Lift Tig – MMA

Pulse Synergic and Double Pulse synergic modes.

Incredible, innovative machine now in stock and available for demonstration in Daventry or at your site.

Torch cooler available here

We can supply any size Mig/Mag/Tig machine from the Weco range – their website for the full catalogue is here

Pease call for any of your Weco requirements. huge range of accessories for this machine available including skids, trolleys, remote control, Tig torch, Mig torch, coolers – please call to discuss.


MicroPulse 302MFK is a compact, synergic, 3 Phase and robust designed Inverter for MIG/MAG Synergic, Pulse Synergic and Double Pulse Synergic, MMA and Lift TIG Arc welding.

Easy to transport, only 24kg , it is the best option for maintenance and repair on field, shipyard and off-shore operations.


There’s simply too many features packed into this compact multipurpose welding machine to list without referring to the manufacturer’s catalogue – please see here

Here’s some snippets 


302 MFK: Wire Feeder
Solid metallic 4 rolls motor
drive-system for any type of wire.
• Wire diameters from 0,6 to
• Wire speed from 2 to 20 meters
per minute.
Wire spools till 300 mm /15 kg.

HAC (Hybrid Arc Control)
Flawless Welding Arc
• Soft and very stable welding arc.
• Low heat input both in Short and Spray
• Small Globular arc range. Welding is
always perfect.
• Low spattering even with a high level of
CO2 mixed gas
• Quality of weld beams is just like the
one you have in pulsed welding.
• Inductance and start/finish parameters
are optimized in the synergic setting.
• Recommended for special applications
like welding on Laser cut sheets without
reworking, fillet welds on thin sheets
with small deformations, and low residual stress. Accurate when you need to
weld plates with relevant gaps…