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Weco Discovery 172 T DC Tig Welder

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Weco Discovery 172 T DC Tig Welder – the innovative Tig machine

We are pleased to be able the Italian made Weco Discovery 172 T DC Tig Welder. Three year guarantee.


This Tig welder has some amazing features:


power-inside2500khzsynq-startdynamic-arcq-spotVolt Reduction Devicemultitack


Discovery 172 T is particularly indicated for extremely precise constructions, in petrochemical plants, food industry and other activities which require very high welding performance.

Weco Special HF control grants 100% a rapid and highly precise arc ignition. The welding is here optimal thanks to:
TIG PULS up to 2,5 Khz and TIG PULS SYN (Synergic)
– The Dynamic Arc (DYNarc) function which ensures an enhanced welding penetration, a better stability of the arc, avoiding any gluing between electrode and base metal; it allows to adjust the welding arc, just through slight torch’s movements, at any welding conditions.

– The Q-Start function, makes the sheet tacking easier and minimize the time for it at the beginning of the welding process.

– The Multi-Tack function, allows to minimize the heat output during the welding process and reduces the base material’s oxidation. This function permits often to avoid the post welding acid-treatments.

– The Q-Spot function, permits to carry out very easily and precisely the sheet tacking operation, with minimum heat output and sheet deformation. It allows the positioning of the electrode on the exact tacking spot.

Discovery 172 T allows setting of different coated electrodes’ types (BASIC – RUTILE – CrNi- ALUMINIUM), so that welding machine can automatically optimize the processing parameters for each kind of base material.
The DYNac function ensures a deeper penetration and more stable arc; it avoids the electrode’s sticking on the base material, it allows the adaptation of the welding arc just through the holder’s movements.
The V.EL function (Switch of arc Voltage MMA) allows to set up a switch off voltage, as protection factor in case the electrode is held too far away from the base material.
– 50 programs can be loaded and saved in memory
– Remote controls are available: for torch (UP&DOWN, potentiometer), foot pedal or remote control unit


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