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Weco Cruiser 322 AC/DC Synergic multipurpose welding machine

£5,618.18 (Price inc. VAT @ 20%)



Weco Cruiser 322 AC/DC Synergic multipurpose welding machine – also available in 402A and 502 Amp and even multi-feeder versions – please call.


Machine only feeder, trolley, cooler shown are all options

Weco have developed new
innovative TIG functions in order
to find an effective solution to any
application, which will make the
impossible become possible!

A true multipurpose welding machine. Weco, the innovators in the welding machine world bring you this MIG,MAG, AC/DC TIG with HF.

Cruiser 322 AC/DC Synergic is a professional synergic 3 Phase Inverter Power Source with separated wire feeder for MIG-MAG welding. MMA, TIG AC/DC HF processes are also available.
A wide range of MIG-MAG synergic programs facilitate the selection of precise welding parameters using any welding wires.

At electric-arc we can supply the full range of Weco products – so many options and modules available – Weco site here – please call to discuss your requirements.

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