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GYS GYSPOT 2600 Steel dent puller

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GYS GYSPOT 2600 Steel dent puller

GYSPOT 2600, with its 2600 A maximum output current, is the ideal product for dent pulling and
straightening of low thickness car body elements (hood, door, roof panel). The product is
multifunctional, which makes it a complete solution. Thanks to its low power consumption, it can
work on a simple 230V power supply.


3 modes available:
– Welding of stars or washers for car body element
– Welding of wavy wire, ideal to follow a curved
profile. (e.g. wheelhouse)
– Contact shrinking, to work on light impacts and for
good finishing.

Easy to use

– Intuitive, the potentiometer allows to select both
the output power and the requested mode.
– Automatic, the welding is generated by simply
making a contact between the tool and the
element to straighten.


Delivered as a standard with :
• 1 spot inertia hammer (1,1kg)
and 1 star holder tip
• 3 stars
• 1 contact shrinking tip
• 1 earth pad


Optional trolley available


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